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Ugly Sweaters and Barrel Aged Beer

Ugly Sweaters & Barrel Aged Beer

Ugly Sweaters & Barrel Aged Beer

Parry’s Pizza’s annual winter event centered around big, tasty craft beer

Ugly Sweaters & Barrel Aged Beer always seems to get people out of their cozy homes to enjoy some amazing company and craft beer that has been barrel aged to perfection. Every year since starting this event, we’ve seen it grow beyond belief. The memories. The sweaters. (Oh, the sweaters.) That barrel aged beer. All of these elements that make this event what it is today can be expected this year, too.

In lieu of tap lists (because it’s too early just yet for tap lists) and boasting because we have access to these crazy barrel aged beers, we’d like to get into the epicenter of this event: the beer and the processes that make it what it is and elicits that smile on your cold, weather-beaten face.

The good folks over at Thrillist composed a great article ranking some of the more exquisite barrel aged craft beer in America.
We begin with “the art of barrel-aging is a centuries-old practice that adds to the beer within crazy flavor notes from the wood itself and the booze it once contained. It’s an art for the patient, sure, but barrel-aging can take an already-great stout, porter, or ale and turn it into something complex, robust, and magnificent. These days, many craft breweries dip their toes into barrel-aging, but the ones contained herein have more or less mastered the process, with programs that churn out coveted bottles that just get better with age. These aren’t just the best barrel-aged beers in the country (though those are here too)… they’re the best all-around barrel-aging operations on the scene.”

Great lengths have been traveled to procure this list of barrel aging operations around the country and the products that arise from the madness.

In regards to one of our favorite partners in the industry, Thrillist labeled Avery Brewing Co as one of the stalwarts of the barrel aging process:

“When we named Avery the best brewery in the great state of Colorado, we knew we had to back it up. We could have done that with the great sours, or infinitely satisfying IPA. But the barrel-aging program here is, quite frankly, staggering, and it gets us really amped up. Or maybe we’re amped because our favorite beer, Tweak, is loaded with coffee and packs a nearly 18% punch that somehow gets hidden in all the flavor from the bourbon barrels. Then there’s the spankin’-new Xolotl, which takes a cue from the also-great vanilla bean stout and spikes the sweetness with chilies, cacao nibs, and a big ol’ dose of oaky whiskey. These cats are approaching the barrel-aging process as a playground, with new beers (well, months-old beers, but they’re new to us) hitting bottles and taps in limited quantity all the time, with huge-ass stouts, ales, Belgians, and more offering up more than a big-ass ABV. But they have that too. It’s great.”

On to another of our favorite craft breweries in America, Firestone Walker gets a nod for the one and only, Sucaba:

“Sucaba bourbon barrel-aged barleywine
With a longstanding commitment to the craft, Firestone Walker is widely considered to be one of the godfathers of American barrel-aging. What began as a pet project 20 years before has since exploded into a massive barrel-works facility housing over 1,500 constantly full barrels and, judging from the California brewery’s January 2016 Sucaba release, the old dog’s still got it. This bourbon barrel-aged barleywine lives up to its style’s boozy reputation without sacrificing an ounce of roasty, chocolaty, cherry-tinged complexity. The oak imparts a velvety mouthfeel, softening any residual bitterness — which, at 13.4% ABV, makes this bad boy dangerously drinkable.”

And finally, Boulevard Brewing gets a mention with one of our favorite offerings for this event. (Sure hoping we can secure a few sixtels of this beast.):

“Rye-on-Rye rye beer aged in Templeton rye barrels
Since expanding production 10 years ago, Kansas City’s Boulevard has added some killer barrel-aged beers to its fleet, but it truly upped the ante when it released Rye-on-Rye, a generously hopped rye ale mellowed to a T in Templeton rye whiskey casks. It’s like spicy and sweet went to war on your palate, each battling for total domination until charred oak stormed onto the scene, convincing the flavor warriors to join forces for a better tomorrow. All hail big oaky.”

We are looking forward to this event with as much gusto and anticipation as every Ugly Sweater party we’ve thrown in the past. Remember, though: No ugly sweater? No barrel aged beer. No excuses!

All Ugly Sweater Parties at Parry’s Pizza:

Friday, December 8th, 6pm
Castle Rock, Longmont, Greenwood Village

Friday, December 15th, 6pm
Highlands Ranch, Northglenn, Johnstown


Parry's Pints - Five $4 Craft Beers

Parry’s Pints October – Five $4 Craft Beers

Parry’s Pints October – Five Craft Beers for $4 each

These five beers are only $4 each for the entire month. Get a true full pour when you order a Parry’s Pint. And SURPRISE, they’re available all day, every day, all month long! NO more excuses, Pal!

  1. Craft Lager by Upslope Brewing Co. – Lager • 4.8% ABV • 15 IBU
  2. Hop Syndrome by Epic Brewing Co. – Lager • 4.8% ABV
  3. Hoss by Great Divide Brewing Co. – Oktoberfest Lager • 6.2% ABV
  4. Lagunitas IPA by Lagunitas Brewing Co. – American IPA • 6.2% ABV • 46 IBU
  5. Fat Tire by New Belgium Brewing Co. – Belgian Style American Ale • 5.2% ABV • 22 IBU


Parry's Pints - Five $4 Craft Beers

Parry’s Pints September – Five $4 Craft Beers

Parry’s Pints September – Five Craft Beers for $4 each

These five beers are only $4 each for the entire month. Get a true full pour when you order a Parry’s Pint. And SURPRISE, they’re available all day, every day, all month long! NO more excuses, Pal!

  1. Tropical by Boulevard Brewing Co. – Fruit Pale Ale, 5.9% ABV, 45 IBUs
  2. Dale’s Pale Ale by Oskar Blues Brewing Co. – Rocky Mountain Pale Ale,  6.5% ABV, 65 IBUs
  3. Maduro by Cigar City Brewing – Brown Ale, 5.5% ABV, 25 IBUs
  4. Easy Jack by Firestone Walker Brewing Co. – Session IPA, 4.5% ABV, 45 IBUs
  5. Octoberfest by Boston Beer Co. (Samuel Adams) – Octoberfest, 5.3% ABV, 16 IBUs

All day. Every day. No happy hour needed.

National Sour Beer Day

National Sour Beer Day

National Sour Beer Day at Parry’s Pizza

This blog is brought to you by our beer buyer, Katie Nierling

My early days as a craft beer neophyte sour beers were on the rise and pioneered in Colorado by the likes of Avery, New Belgium and Crooked Stave to name a few. It was mid May in 2013 and my best friend and I arrived at Crooked Stave for ROY-G-BIV day, Rainbow Day, and the final release of the Wild Wild Brett series, Violet. It was a 100% Brettanoymces fermented experimental ale brewed with pomegranate and Lavender, then fermented on whole passion fruit and dry hopped. There was a buzz about the day as the line wound around the building, nearly everyone arriving with another rare, limited or sour in hand to pass down the line – bottle releases sometimes being the best bottle share in town. I don’t think that Crooked Stave imagined that the release would draw that crowd and while it was successful it might also be viewed as an unmitigated disaster to those to walked away empty handed – the beer selling out and nothing allocated for outside distribution. I held onto that beer for a few years; knowing it was the last in the series a part of me had a hard time ‘letting go’ but while some brewers encourage cellaring of certain beers, it is designed to be consumed, shared and enjoyed. I don’t recall the exact flavor profiles but I do remember a door opening for a desire to learn more about sour beers and their often times, very difficult process.

I do not begin to know all there is to know about the fermentation and care involved to produce a well made sour, but I have a respect for those brewers who do spend years cultivating wild yeast in barrels – drawing those distinct whiskey, rum, tequila or wine barrel characteristics to blend with the bacteria’s added ending in a flavor profile unlike any other. Some will make you pucker as if drinking a lemon drop candy, while others will highlight a rustic funk combined with an aged fruit and subtle hop character. The combination of tartness with fresh fruit makes a hot summer day complete for me. The prevalence in the market today gives anyone a shot at liking a sour beer, much like IPA’s there are so many interpretations out there, one does not have to be intimidated to try.

Fast forward to 2017 and just last weekend I was privileged enough to take part in the release of New Belgium’s Wood Cellar Reserve series – the reinvented and reimagined specialty and sour line from this storied brewery. The team at New Belgium has built what many affectionately call the ‘foeder forrest’, a collection of foeders sourced since the late nineties integral in the building of the La Folie series among many other sour iterations from New Belgium over the years. Le Kriek Noir is an assertively sour dark blend from two continents and three years in the making. Authentic to its Belgian roots, a small portion of Oud Beersel from Belgium is blended with a single foeder of dark sour beer and aged in the brewery’s original wine barrels stemming from the start of the program in 1998. The first sip is lip puckering, but sharp aromas and flavors of cherries are immediately present. The next few sips the sour subsides and the complex flavors from the barrel aging take over with a rich and woody finish. It is a perfect illustration of the innovation and evolution in sour beers. New Belgium led the way years ago and now they have thrown their hat back in the ring so to speak, showcasing where we can all expect sour beers to go.

Parry's Pints - select craft beers for $4

Parry’s Pints August – Cheap Craft Beer

AUGUST: get a full pour of these five craft beers for only $4 the entire month!

  1. True Blonde by Ska Brewing Co. – Blonde Ale, 5% ABV, 20 IBUs
  2. Travelin’ Light by Left Hand Brewing Co. – Kolsch Style Ale, 4.8% ABV, 22 IBUs
  3. Amber by Alaskan Brewing Co. – Alt Style Ale, 5.3% ABV, 18 IBUs
  4. IPA by Dry Dock Brewing Co. – New England Style IPA, 7% ABV, 49 IBUs
  5. Drumroll by Odell Brewing Co. – Unfiltered American Pale Ale, 5.3% ABV, 42 IBUs

All day. Every day. No happy hour needed.

Dogfish Head Brewery Tap Takeover. Big. Scary. Beer.

Dogfish Head Tap Takeover: BIG. SCARY. BEER!


Big. Scary. Beer. With Dogfish Head Brewing

Saturday, August 26 – 11am

It would be a shame to not bestow some gratitude for such a stalwart of the craft beer community. What better way to do that than to tap a plethora of their products and call it a party. Good, clean, summer fun with some amazing people and a deep dive into some of their great products.

Representation of the brewery will be on hand to converse with customers, talk swag and beer and maybe share some beer or pizza with you. Who knows.

We expect to be tapping the following beers and we sure hope there’s enough to go around for all of the passionate craft beer geeks out there:

120 Minute IPA, World Wide Stout, Olde School, Barley Wine and more TBA.

loyalty program

Announcing: Our New Loyalty Program, “Empire City”!

Parry’s Pizza would like to announce the launch of the newly-devised loyalty program, “Empire City”.

We’ve known a lot of you for years and some of you for only days. Either way, we feel that it’s only fair to reward your continued patronage with a loyalty program. It’s called, Empire City! Your loyalty to our restaurants should be rewarded. You spend lunches and dinners here and the libations, of course, you drink those here, too.

We are proud to introduce to you “Empire City”!  A simple and easy loyalty program to acknowledge your visits and reward your decision to frequent our establishment on a regular basis!  The more often you visit, the bigger the reward!  And the coolest part is “Empire City” has a very simple for you to unlock all of the greatness that awaits you!

Get over to this page to get signed up. It’s super simple and you can do it from your mobile device, laptop or on your old school desktop setup. We just need a couple of pieces of information so that we know who all of these rewards need to go to. Just by signing up, we’ll spot you 50 points.

Gift card purchases also count toward your total points. So, you made someone angry. Gift cards work as great apologies. Special someone has a birthday coming up. Perfect. Gift card. Your boss? Yeah, gift cards work on them, too. Killing two birds with one stone by purchasing gift cards and gaining points toward your journey through Empire City.

Also worth mentioning: Empire City has several levels of “status” and with each level you rise comes shinier objects as rewards. After accumulating a nice chunk of points in Empire City, you will be elevated to a new level with special perks and after doubling that in a year, you earn “Top Tier Status”! Once you’ve obtained your “status” you can never lose it. Ever! No matter what, you will always have your “status”.

Thanks for being a loyal bunch of enthusiasts and we can’t wait to see how great this new loyalty program will be for everyone!

Parry's Pints - select craft beers for $4

Parry’s Pints July – Cheap Craft Beer

July – five new cheap craft beers, only $4 each for the entire month!

  1. Lime Pilsner by Uinta Brewing Co. – Pilsner, 5.3% ABV, 14 IBUs
  2. Parry’s IPA by Epic Brewing Co. – American Style IPA, 6.2% ABV
  3. All Good by Bull & Bush Brewery – Amber Ale, 6% ABV
    Gold, Peak Radio Brew Fest 1997, Gold, Colorado State Fair 1998,
    Best in Show, Colorado State Fair 2005
  4. Blue Ski by Epic Brewing Co. – Lager, 5% ABV
  5. Sidecar by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. – Orange Pale Ale, 5.3% ABV, 35 IBUs
Parry's Pints - select craft beers for $4

Parry’s Pints June – Cheap Craft Beer

June – five new cheap craft beers, only $4 each for the entire month!

  1. First Cast by Elevation Beer Co. – American IPA, 6%
    Gold, US Open Beer Championship 2013
  2. Landon’s Blood Orange Wanna Walk Wheat by Epic Brewing Co. – Wheat, 5%
  3. Hop Abomination by Dry Dock Brewing Co. – American IPA, 6.5%
  4. Laughing Lab by Bristol Brewing Co. – Scottish Ale, 5%
    Nine GABF awards since 1994
  5. Tropical Torpedo by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. – American IPA, 6.7%
Happy Hour Specials

New Happy Hour Specials at Parry’s Pizza

New Happy Hour Specials

A change has been made to our happy hour that we think you are going to love!

Happy hour is special to lots of our customers for various reasons. Most of those reasons revolve around discounted libations and food that can be had at not quite the end of the day, but close to it. We like nothing more than making sure our customers are happy about our happy hour and we believe that we have curated a very handsome happy hour offering.

Like most places, our happy hour lasts longer than just a single hour. Why wouldn’t it? People’s schedules differ vastly from one another and to just have one hour would be an injustice. Our happy hour runs Monday (ughhh, Monday) through Friday from 3pm to 6pm. If you’re not a drinker, grab a few bites of food to tide you over into the dinner hours. If you ARE a drinker, you should expect some good drinks on the cheap. We’ve done just that.

Our Real Dill® Bloody Marys have gained quite the loyal following at our stores and if it’s important to you that you support Colorado-born companies, this is your drink. Real Dill® is from right here in Colorado and if you haven’t had one of our Bloody Marys made with their tasty mix, you’re just not livin’.

You can now enjoy these Bloody Marys during our happy hour for only $4.99 each. To round out the list we’ve added signature Margaritas for $3.99 and all well drinks and house wine will be priced at $3.99 each.

Our Parry’s signature beers, brewed here in Denver by Epic Brewing Co.,  also make an appearance on this list. Get our Parry’s IPA, Crushin’ It Cream Ale and Landon’s Blood Orange Wanna Walk Wheat all for just $3 each for a full pour.

Maybe dinner will be late tonight. No big woop. Our happy hour drinks are served right aside some specially priced food deals:

9” CHEESE PIZZA – toppings additional 5.99

LIBERTY WINGS  – golden brown breaded boneless chicken wings smothered in your choice of any sauce from below
Homemade Zesty Mild, Medium, Hot, Extra Hot, BBQ (regular or hot), Garlic (regular or hot), Teriyaki (regular or hot) 10 pcs  4.99

MADISON SQUARE BITES – breaded macaroni and cheese served with white ketchup 4.99

POLO GROUNDS PARM BITES – our famous pizza dough, made fresh daily, rounded, fried, then tossed in a parmesan and spice mixture and served with homemade marinara for dipping  4.99

“BODEGAS’ BEST” CRISPY BEANS  – breaded, deep fried and golden brown green beans served with white ketchup 4.99

CHAP’S CHIPS – natural cut potato chips tossed in our blend of secret spices served with a side of bbq 2.99

Stop in and check out our new happy hour specials. We’re pretty proud of this lineup and we think you’ll be enjoying this for weeks to come.