Food Specials

Great food specials here at Parry’s Pizza

If you’re wanting a quick lunch – just a “get in and get out” kind of affair, it’s covered. You can get anything on our menu to your table or space at the bar in under 20 minutes. If we fail you – it’s a free 14″ cheese pizza from us to you as an apology.  more details

Beyond the 20 minute lunch, we also offer four amazing lunch specials that can be had between 11AM and 2PM, Monday through Friday. Check ’em out below, pal. You’ll be glad you did.

LUNCH SPECIALS (Monday – Friday, 11A-2P)

THE BABE – 6.99
9” personal cheese pizza & a pint of craft beer (Parry’s Pints only)

THE SULLY – 9.99
9” personal cheese pizza, small salad & a fountain drink

9” personal cheese pizza & a fountain drink

Lunch in 20 minutes