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Parry's Pints - 5 select craft beers for $4

Parry’s Pints April – Cheap Craft Beer

April – five new cheap craft beers, only $4 each for the entire month!

  1. Avery IPA by Avery Brewing Co. – IPA, 6.5%, 69 IBUs
    Pair with Jimmy B Sandwich with chicken and big city style!
  2. 5 O’clock, Afternoon Ale by Renegade Brewing Co. – Pilsner, 5%, 25 IBUs
    Pair with classic Buffalo Wings – extra hot if you dare!
  3. Pivo Hoppy Pils by Firestone Walker Brewing Co. – Hoppy Pilsner, 5.3%, 40 IBUs
    Gold, GABF 2013, 2014, 2015
    Pair with Zesty Lady Liberty Pizza
  4. Maple Nut Brown by Tommyknocker Brewery – Brown Ale, 4.5%, 22 IBUs
    Pair with South Street Meatball Bake
  5. Pinner Throwback IPA by Oskar Blues Brewery – IPA, 4.9%, 35 IBUs
    Pair with Summer of 2010 Pizza
Parry's Pints - 5 select craft beers for $4

Parry’s Pints March – Cheap Craft Beer

March – five new cheap craft beers, only $4 each for the entire month!

  1. Goose IPA by Goose Island Beer Co. – IPA, 5.9%, 55 IBUs,
    Gold, 2012 GABF. Gold, 2010 World Beer Cup. Gold, 2009 GABF
    Pairs with Green Yankee Fries
  2. Pils World Craft Lager by Ska Brewing Co – Pilsner, 5.4%, 34 IBUs
    Pairs with South Harlem Taco Pizza
  3. Sawtooth Ale by Left Hand Brewing Co – Amber Ale, 5.3%, 27 IBUs
    Gold, 2014 World Beer Cup
    Pairs with Build Your Own Calzone – mix in all the cheese and spicy sausage you can handle!
  4. Acres O’ Green by Lone Tree Brewing Co. – Irish Red, 6%, 32 IBUs
    Pairs with Jimmy B sandwich and go Big City Style!
  5. Face Down Brown by Telluride Brewing Co. – Brown Ale, 5.7%, 28 IBUs
    Gold, 2014 & 2012 GABF
    Pairs with Buffalo or Liberty wings Teriyaki Style
Big Ass Tap Takeover with Avery Brewing Co.

Big Ass Tap Takeover with Avery Brewing Co.

Big Ass Tap Takeover with Avery Brewing Co.

Every year (for the past five years) we’ve thrown a huge party with Avery Brewing Company and we’ve called it the “Big Ass Tap Takeover”. It is called this for good reason and if you’ve ever been to one of these parties, you know why it’s called this. There’s a LOT of Avery beer at this party and fun in tow.

This year is no different as it pertains to the size and scope of the party. It’s our 6th annual Big Ass Tap Takeover Saturday, April 29th and it goes on from 11AM until we decide to break up the party.
Avery Brewing representatives will be hanging out at most of our locations to talk shop (beer) with those in attendance and in need of company. Don’t miss out on this perspective of the party.

Our higher volume stores (Highlands Ranch and Northglenn) will have upwards of 40+ different Avery beers, all of which will be on tap. And, as was the case in years past, there will be some great bottles to be had floating around at different times of the day. We typically set different release times for each of these bottles as we find doing this helps some of our guests make certain they can get their little mitts on one.

Don’t be fooled,either: Just because you had a light breakfast and a couple of slices of your friend’s pizza (while you knocked back 15% abv beers from Avery), that won’t be enough carbohydrates to soak up all of that alcohol. We tell people every year to eat enough to sustain yourself for the duration of the event because the entire event is worth being alert and somewhat sober for.

Just as in years past, Avery Brewing is sweetening the deal for all of the hardcore beer snobs in attendance. The first table to kill a keg at each participating location will get a very special prize from the brewery. If you like money and beer don’t lose sight of being at Parry’s and drinking some stupendous craft-brewed beer on this day. All you can do is win!

Throughout the day, we’ll be raffling off some Parry’s Pizza and Avery Brewing swag. It’s pretty simple to win: buy an Avery beer, get a ticket, listen for your number to be called and once it is, you WIN! The grand raffle prize at the end of the night is a super-duper awesome VIP brewery tour at Avery Brewing up in Boulder!

Look for more information in our Ale Yeah Club emails as to tap lists.

Parry's Pints - 5 select craft beers for $4

Parry’s Pints February – Cheap Craft Beer

February – five new cheap craft beers, only $4 each for the entire month!

  1. Rebel Juiced IPA by Boston Beer Co. – IPA, 7%, 55 IBUs
  2. Landon’s Blood Orange Wanna Walk Wheat by Epic Brewing Co. – Wheat, 5%, 25 IBUs
  3. Citra Pale Ale by Upslope Brewing Co. – Pale Ale, 5.8%, 37 IBUs
  4. Ophelia by Breckenridge Brewery – Hoppy Wheat, 6%, 23 IBUs
  5. Coffee Porter by Pikes Peak Brewing Co. – Coffee Porter, 6.5%, 22 IBUs
Epic Brewing

New Parry’s Pizza Signature Beers

New Parry’s Pizza Signature Beers

Now Brewed with Love by Epic Brewing

Starting January 1st, 2017, our signature beers will all be brewed by Epic Brewing right here in Denver, Colorado. There will always be a core three that we carry as our signature beers; Landon’s Blood Orange Wanna Walk Wheat, Crushin’ It Cream Ale and Parry’s IPA. From time to time, these beers will make our Parry’s Pints list just as is the case in the month of January. We are showcasing our Crushin’ It Cream Ale this first month of 2017.

Our newly devised partnership with Epic Brewing also corresponds with another partnership that we are equally excited to talk about. Parry’s has teamed up with Bags of Fun as our charity of choice. This is worth mentioning in this blog post because we will be donating .25¢ to Bags of Fun for every pint we sell of our Landon’s Blood Orange Wanna Walk Wheat. Check out their site for more information about the big-hearted work they are doing for the youth that are in true need.

Landon’s Blood Orange Wanna Walk Wheat comes in at a slightly higher ABV than a session beer at 5%, but that doesn’t mean you can’t knock back a couple and feel okay about it. This beer is unfiltered, yet easy drinking with flavors and aromas of fresh squeezed oranges. Just a bit of sweet orange peel was introduced to the boil and a healthy dose of blood orange to the fermentation. We get the feeling this is gonna be a huge hit when the weather starts to warm up a bit.

Being from New York, we know a good deal about cream ales. We won’t get into that too much, but it seemed only fitting that we should have a cream ale of our own. Introducing, Crushin’ It Cream Ale. It is not your typical fizzy, yellow beer, as you can tell first off by the ABV being 6.5%. Premium American 2-Row brewers malt and flaked corn were utilized in the brewing process. It is robust for the style, but laid back enough so that you crush ‘em with ease. We’d recommend pairing this with our newest pie, The Pearl.

Our IPA must be approachable yet complex enough to keep people interested in drinking just one and we think Epic hit it out of the park on this one. Parry’s IPA is a floral American-style IPA offering a complex aroma of light citrus ranging from tangerine to tropical fruit. The ultra-premium Maris Otter malt provides a slight nutty sweetness which balances the strong hop profile and leaves only a slight bitterness on the finish. This IPA comes in at just 6.2% ABV with 55 IBUs.

Those are our three core beers that will always be on tap no matter which beer-centric Parry’s location you decide to visit. But our efforts don’t stop there in liberating you from crappy beer. Nope. We will also be getting seasonal beers from Epic to shake things up a bit. 

Our first seasonal signature beer of 2017 is our Blackberry Berliner Weisse. This is a traditional sour German ale that got an extra dose of blackberry puree during fermentation to highlight the citrus and fruity character of the style. The blackberries also contribute a bright pink color to the beer and a berry pie aroma. Heavenly.

If you don’t much about Epic Brewing, get on it. We’ll always have an Epic beer to drink for you at Parry’s. Until then, here’s a bit about the brewery from the brewery themselves:

David Cole and Peter Erickson are the founders and co-owners of Epic Brewing Company. Cole and Erickson, originally from California, started an international aquaculture company in Utah in 1992. In 2008, Utah law changed allowing these two entrepreneurs to pursue their longtime dream of opening a strong beer microbrewery in Utah, like those they frequented in the Golden State.

Together, they have teamed with Brewmaster Kevin Crompton, formerly from Bohemian Brewery. Crompton has been brewing for more than 20 years (since 1994) and has brewed for three Utah breweries and another in Hawaii.

Admittedly, beer geeks, foodies and “Epic” adventure junkies, the three share a passion for making and drinking fine ales and lagers. The Epic team has a strong belief in doing everything “all out.”

David Cole – Co-Founder
Peter Erickson – Co-Founder
Kevin Crompton – Head Brewer

Our Breweries: Salt Lake City & Denver
Epic Brewing Company opened in Salt Lake City, Utah with six fermentation tanks giving it the flexibility to create a variety of small batch, artisanal beer. Within a few short months, Epic began earning medals for its beers domestically and internationally. The beer became a big hit with locals and out of state visitors alike and demand quickly increased. The brewery currently houses eight times its original fermentation space.

Three years later, in 2013, Epic expanded its brewery operations into Colorado by opening a second brewery in the River North district of downtown Denver. The Denver brewery offered enough space to support growing national distribution, expansion of the popular barrel aged beer program and the introduction of a line of sour beers. Along with these improvements the addition of a “proper” tap room featuring 25 taps was a long awaited realization, allowing Epic to feature its substantial beer selection on draught.

Despite the rapid expansion and increase in production volume Epic Brewing has stayed committed to its founding principal of small batch, artisanal beer. Every batch released in the Elevated and Exponential series is numbered, stamped, and release information is published online. Currently brewing 39 plus beers Epic believes there is a beer for every person and every occasion.

Drink Beer. Help Kids

Support Bags of Fun at Parry’s Pizza

Support Bags of Fun at Parry’s Pizza

A New Partnership to Bring Joy to Children Fighting Life-Threatening Diseases

We’d like to announce our partnership with Bags of Fun starting this new year, 2017! Our philanthropic efforts will move forward in an effort to assist children that have endured great health challenges and have a long road back to being a normal kid, again. It gets to us, sharply when children right here in our backyard are going through such traumatic challenges. So much so that it continues to be our common concern in the communities we do business in.

“Bags of Fun exist to bring joy, laughter and relief to children fighting a life-threatening disease or condition.” Those words, straight from the organization, sum up the struggle and a solution. We want to be part of that solution. That’s why we have partnered up with Bags of Fun.

Our effort to raise the much-needed funds to continue this great work starts with our Landon’s Blood Orange Wanna Walk Wheat. For every pint of this craft beer goodness we sell, we’ll be donating .25¢ to Bags of Fun. Throughout the year, we’ll be throwing some really stellar beer events to raise additional funds for the good of the kiddos, as well.

Our other partner, Epic Brewing Company, who brews our Landon’s Blood Orange Wanna Walk Wheat, has also committed to extending a helping hand by putting Wanna Walk on tap in their tap room in Denver to raise additional funds and awareness about this program.

“Bags of Fun are carefully crafted for each child taking into consideration the best means to reduce the tension, anxiety and fatigue for children fighting long term and life threatening diseases.”  Again, directly from the organization. This really drives home the need for this type of engagement with these children. The bag that each child gets is tailored specifically to his or her needs and challenges.

If we give kids the tools to play with when they feel at their worst, play will reduce their stress, increase their will and build the confidence they need to fight.  Join us in this movement to reclaim the playfulness of childhood for those that are threatened by the realities of their medical condition.

Parry's Pints - 5 select craft beers for $4

Parry’s Pints January- Cheap Craft Beer

January – five new cheap craft beers, only $4 each for the entire month!

  1. Husky IPA by Alaskan Brewing Co. – IPA, 7%, 55 IBUs
    Pair with Liberty Wings, medium and make sure to dip ‘em in bleu cheese
  2. Crushin’ It Cream Ale by Parry’s Pizza – Cream Ale, 5%, 15 IBUs
    Pair with The Pearl
  3. Lil Brainless Raspberries by Epic Brewing Co. – Fruit Beer, 5.2%, 7 IBUs
    Pair with Skyscraper Chocolate Cake
  4. Graham Cracker Porter by Denver Beer Co. – Porter, 5.6%, 30 IBUs
    Bronze GABF 2011, Pair with South Street Meatball Bake
  5. 90 Shilling by Odell Brewing Co. – Scottish Ale, 5.3%, 22 IBUs
    Pair with Green Yankee Fries
Monday - Lg 18" cheese pizzas $10.99

Parry’s Pizza $10.99 Monday Pizza Special

Give Monday a Kick in the Pants!

Parry’s Pizza $10.99 Monday Pizza Special for All

Monday doesn’t have to suck, but the potential is certainly there. With out $10.99 large cheese pizza deal every Monday, we’re assisting you in kicking Monday right in the pants. Don’t be fooled: there is no special membership club, Groupon offer or VIP card you have to have to cash in on this deal. Our only limitations on the Monday Special are no delivery and toppings are additional.

Our large, 18” cheese pizzas are great for parties, buddies watching the game, ladies sharing stories, hungry, ever-growing children and the elderly alike. Pair this with the fact that our New York style pies have garnered tasters choice awards in the Denver area and it’s a no-brainer kind of deal. Yeah. A large 18” award-winning pizza is only $10.99 every Mondays, all day and there are no limits as to how many you can purchase.

Give us a call on the next Monday to get in on this action.

hot soup and salad lunch special

New Lunch Special at Your Local Parry’s Pizzeria & bar!

Chill in the Air? Hot Soup on the Menu!
New Lunch Special at Your Local Parry’s Pizzeria & bar!

No Soup for You…Unless you get a salad, too.

As the last of our Indian Summer fades in the distance, and bone chilling temperatures driven by Colorado’s whipping winds start to carve through our sweaters and jackets, it is reassuring to know you can now grab a piping hot bowl of soup, with or without a salad, at Parry’s for lunch!  Our new Soup offerings have arrived just in time to push back against the elements, and with a daily offering like minestrone, chicken noodle, or tomato basil, how could you go wrong?  The lunch special includes a roof top, or Caesar salad, along with a cup of soup for $5.99!  A full bowl is also served ala carte, with crackers for the same price!  A cup of soup is also available with any pizza, pasta, or sandwich order for just $2.99.  The daily soup of the day is available during lunch special hours at our Northglenn, Longmont, Highlands Ranch, and Greenwood Village locations only, so stop buy today and feel Mmm – mmm – good!    It has been long thought that consuming soup during cold weather is a healthier alternative to the standard cold sandwich lunch. The fact that most soup contains a large portion of vegetables and associated vitamins immersed in flavorful broth commonly leave a person feeling full and comforted for some time after the meal is finished!  Feeding the body and soul, if you will.

“No soup for you!??”.… well there surely is now, at your favorite NY Style pizza joint, Parry’s Pizza!  Stop by and warm up soon!

Parry's Pints

Parry’s Pints December – Cheap Craft Beer

December – six new cheap craft beers, only $3 each for the entire month!

Celebration Ale by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. – IPA, 6.8%, 65 IBUs,
1994 GABF Silver, 1990 GABF Bronze

8 Second Kölsch by Elevation Beer Co. – Kölsch, 5%, 15 IBUs

Accumulation by New Belgium Brewing Co – White IPA, 6.2%, 55 IBUs

Winter Lager by Samuel Adams – Lager, 5.6%, 22 IBUs

Goose IPA by Goose Island Beer Co. – IPA, 5.9%, 55 IBUs,
2012 GABF Gold, 2010 World Beer Cup Gold

Christmas Ale by Breckenridge Brewery – Winter Warmer, 7.1%, 22 IBUs

So, here we are in the 12th and final month of the year brimming with delight from that Black Friday event in Highlands Ranch and Northglenn. No other bar in this state had that kind of line up. Well, let’s stop prancing with the past and let’s look to this month for what that big jolly man has left for us to guzzle up.

Our first beer on the list this month is Celebration Ale from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. It truly is a one-of-a-kind holiday beer, or..and IPA…You be the judge, but to tide you over, here’s the brewery’s description:

“First brewed in 1981, Celebration Ale is one of the earliest examples of an American-style IPA and one of the few hop-forward holiday beers. Famous for its intense citrus and pine aromas, Celebration is bold and intense, featuring Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops—honoring everything we have at Sierra Nevada.”

Oh, by the way, we do have a sixth Parry’s Pint for this month. It’s Breckenridge Brewery’s Christmas Ale. Not sure if you were counting. But yeah, not only is it a sixth Parry’s Pint, but when purchased, you get entered to win a Never Summer Industries co-branded snowboard with Breckenridge Brewery. Enter to win as many times as you buy the beer. This is going on at all Parry’s beer-centric locations.

Here are the drawing dates and times for each store:

Highlands Ranch – Wed., 12/14 6pm – 8pm

Northglenn – Thurs., 12/15 6pm – 8pm

Castle Rock, Greenwood Village & Longmont – Fri., 12/16 6pm – 8pm

That brings us to the other news. Our Parry’s Pints will be going up to $4 starting on January 1st of 2017. No fear, though. Really. Think about it. Are you getting five different CRAFT beers for $4, all day, every day, anywhere else? We didn’t think so. Keep reading.

Elevation Beer Co. is no stranger to our Parry’s Pints list. That’s because they make awesome beer and we know that you like it. If you’re looking for a beer that’s a bit lighter to either start or end your experience at Parry’s, this one is sure to accomplish what you’d like it to. Best summed up by the brewery themselves, this beer “is brewed to be a true representation of this easy drinking crisp ale. First brewed as a special beer for our local rodeo, it quickly became a hit. Now a staple in our core brand, 8 Second is perfect for an everyday craft beer.” Giddy up!

Accumulation from our good friends up at New Belgium is next on our list. A white IPA coming in at just over six percent is nothing to joke about. This winter format sure has some of us calling for that refreshing IPA that cuts through the robust holiday flavors that’ll be gracing your table. We sincerely hope that you find yourself cozying up to the fire with an Accumulation to shake off any winter blues you may have incurred over the month.

Rounding out our list is Winter Lager from Samuel Adams and Goose IPA from Goose Island out of Chicago, Illinois. Goose IPA is no stranger to our Parry’s Pints list, either. A good English style IPA is always welcome on our taps…as long as it kicks ass. By the way, did you try that Bourbon County Brand Stout we had at Black Friday? Oh, never mind. See you soon. Bring a friend or a foe.